The Police

15 Great British Tribute Band Names, And One We Made Up

There’s a definite knack to naming a tribute band: Ideally you’d want a devilishly-clever pun on the band’s name (or at a push, their most famous song or album title), but it has to be one that also explains that …

WATCH: Former Police Guitarist Andy Summers on His New Documentary

In discussing his new documentary Can’t Stand Losing You, former Police guitarist Andy Summers looks back at his career in positive terms.

Blur Reunion Called Off; New Order Has “No Future”; The Police Recording New Album?

Lots of band news today. OK, this sucks, and damn that Alex James for getting our hopes up, but there isn’t going to be a Blur reunion.

The Rage-a-Holic Post: Sting’s a “Carcass,” Sir Bob Geldof’s “Satan”

What, is Rite Aid low on chill pills today? So much anger in the world. Calm the hell down, folks – it ain’t that serious.