The Pirates: Band of Misfits

WATCH: Hugh Grant: ‘I’ve Always Thought the Queen Was Fabulous’

In the film The Pirates! Band of Misfits out on Friday (April 27), Queen Victoria is given a real drubbing but Hugh Grant, who lends his voice to the animation, is a big fan of Britain’s current Queen.

Watch: David Tennant On Playing A ‘Dim-Witted’ Charles Darwin In ‘The Pirates’

Here’s David Tennant talking to SFX about his role in the new Aardman Animations film The Pirates In An Adventure With Scientists, in which he plays Charles Darwin. Only it’s not the Charles Darwin we know and admire, the …

WATCH: New Aardman Trailer – ‘The Pirates: Band Of Misfits’

By now, you’ll no doubt be getting used to the froth-on we Anglophenians like to display whenever there’s a new film trailer doing the rounds. And if you’re feeling at all sceptical about this, you’ve every …