The Osbournes

Jack Osbourne: A Chip Off The Old Block

There’s a saying that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, but some apples seem to want to climb back up and re-glue themselves to the branches for all time.

Sharon Osbourne Tells Perez Hilton: ‘This Tax Bill Is A Mistake’

Has anyone checked down the back of the Osbournes to see if they have invisible lightning rods coming out of their heads? Surely one family can’t be as prone to disastrous circumstance as they are?

Sharon Osbourne: Rock of Love “Cow” Deserved Her Beating

Sharon Osbourne says that Rock of Love girl had it comin': “It shows you how dumb she is. Anyone who knows anything about me knows not to say anything about my family, or you’re going to get it.