The Muppets

At Last, Benedict Cumberbatch Has Met His Match

Never mind the Super Bowl, by FAR the most exciting news of the last few days was PBS’s sudden confirmation that Benedict Cumberbatch will soon be making an appearance alongside the Count on Sesame Street.

WATCH: Gervais, Fey, Hiddleston, The Frog in ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ Trailer

The full UK trailer for Muppets Most Wanted has been released! And while it does a perfectly good job of fleshing out the plot of the movie, showing you how certain human stars will fit in the general non-human scheme of things—Ricky …

What Can We Learn From Tom Hiddleston’s Stance On Social Media?

This week, the internet was rocked to its very servers by the news that Tom Hiddleston is not enjoying the social media party.

BBC’s ‘Newsnight’ Interviews The Actual Cookie Monster

It’s tricky to work out who should be the more honored to appear with whom in this situation.

WATCH: First Look At Ricky Gervais In The New Muppets Movie

The full story of the mutually-besotted relationship between the Muppets and the UK is one that takes in the TV studios in which the classic series was filmed (Elstree in North London), the various talents brought in as special guests …

Is Ricky Gervais Really Set For ‘The Muppets 2’?

So the Hollywood Reporter claims that Ricky Gervais, the award-winning British comedian (it’s important to explain that, in case you get confused with any of the other Ricky Gervaises doing the rounds, some of whom do not have …

Ten Great British Songs Performed By Muppets

Note: some of these are songs performed with Muppets as well as by Muppets. But there are songs and there are Muppets, so that should be good enough for anyone.

Five Nerdist Podcasts That Shook the World: No. 2, Chris Meets The Muppets

As we continue counting down the days to the debut of The Nerdist TV show on BBC America on Saturday, September 24th at 10/9c, it’s time to pick the second Nerdist Podcast That Shook the World, another key moment in Nerdist …