The Jesus and Mary Chain

’80s Music Week: Five Great British Mopers

You’d imagine creating a career in which people fawn at your feet, and your every thought can recorded and polished and translated into actual vinyl (or CD, depending which end of the decade we’re talking about), would be …

Anglo For Your Ear: The Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Far Gone And Out”

Known for their 1985 shoegazing album Psychocandy, the boys from Glasgow pumped up the volume and tightened up their sound for 1992’s Honey’s Dead, which featured brash, thundering tracks like “Far Gone And Out.

Anglo For Your Ear: Glasvegas’ “Daddy’s Gone”

These folks hardly need me tooting their horn: they are one of the most hyped bands of 2008. Still, I love the big Phil Spector Wall of Sound force of “Daddy’s Gone.