The Inbetweeners Movie

Simon Bird Confirms ‘Inbetweeners’ Sequel

We have good news and good news. If you haven’t yet seen The Inbetweeners Movie it is now streaming on Netflix. So, you can get sped up with an instant queue.

More Inbetweeners Movie News: “The Script Is At Version 0.5″

It’s always nice to check in with some of your favorite showbiz rumors from time to time, and see how they’re getting on, isn’t it? So when we heard back in August that there was the glimmer of a ghost of a spirit of a …

‘The Inbetweeners Movie': NSFW Language Sounds Better with a British Accent

American fans had to wait over a year to see The Inbetweeners Movie, the motion picture based on the risqu British teen sitcom. Back in its August 2011 release in Britain, the film was a box-office behemoth, becoming the …