The Horrors

25 Great British Songs You Should Have Heard in 2014

Sam Smith replaced Adele as the face of British music this year, with the concurrent Billboard top 10s and multiple Grammy nominations to show for it. But there were many other U.K.

The Brit List: Summer of London – 10 Great London Songs

“The Lambeth Walk”

10 Greatest British Tracks of 2011

As the sun sets on another year, and the bloggers post their final compilations, attempting to make sense of quite a disparate musical landscape, the Anglophenia music obsessives have been busy in conference, trying to work out who …

Anglo For Your Ear: The Horrors’ “She Is the New Thing”

I’ve never thought The Horrors were a particularly interesting band. But while watching TV here in London, I noticed that the BBC was using “She Is the New Thing” in an ad promoting their new show, Being Human.