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Who Needs Homophobes When You’ve Got Rupert Everett?

Openly gay actor Rupert Everett says his fellow ‘mos make bad adoptive parents.(Towleroad)

Reader Mail: Chelsea Boys, No Corrie in the States, Lily Allen

Hey, thanks to the readers who have been sending me emails lately. You’ve directed me to some interesting news stories. For example, loyal Anglophenia fan Ed Rozanski sent me this:

Does “Life On Mars” Encourage Homophobia? Also: Women Love Gene Hunt.

Philip Glenister's DCI Gene Hunt character on Life On Mars is a gruff, bigoted man's man who shoots first and asks questions later. He may not have been out of place in 1970s, but some media watchdogs suggest he may not be …

“Doctor Who” Creator Has Designs on Curly-Haired Pop Star

It seems pop star Mika has come out of the closet…sorta. He’s quoted in The Mirror as saying, “People say, ‘You don’t talk about sexuality because you’re worried about success in the US.

Jessica Simpson To Enter the Whoniverse?

It’s quite enough to hear Russell T. Davies admit he was gagging for Britney Spears to appear on Doctor Who, but are we ready for Breastica Simpson to jiggle her way through scenes with David Tennant?

BBC AMERICA Scores Two GLAAD Media Award Nominations

BBC-A brings the Gay. (How’s that for a tagline?) Yes, BBC AMERICA is a startlingly LGBT-friendly network, and GLAAD honored us twice last night when they announced their annual Media Award nominations.