The Darkness

Move Over Nessie: Five Mythical British Beasts

The Loch Ness monster is one of the most famous mythical beasts in the world, up there with Sasquatch and the yeti and the perfect wife for TV’s Simon Cowell. But Nessie is by no means the only made-up beastie to come from the ...

The Darkness Are Back, And ‘Terrified’

It might have been a long time coming, but today sees the triumphant return of one Britain’s most preposterous bands, the Darkness, to the kind of huge audiences they once considered part of their daily routine.

Glam Band The Darkness to Reunite, Record New Material

This is either great or dreadful news, depending on your musical tastes: one of the most popular Brit bands of the mid-2000s, The Darkness, have reformed after splitting five years ago, reports BBC Newsbeat. The Suffolk-based quartet, ...