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The Brit List: 15 Cool Uses for a Red Phone Booth

Most people have mobiles and don’t rely on a public booth, but it’ll never get old popping into an iconic British red phone box — possibly for a photo opportunity, to dodge the weather, or even to make an …

The Brit List: The 10 Most British Towns in America

Editor’s note: This post is brought to you by Up to Speed, a Hulu original series from Richard Linklater (writer/director of Before Sunrise, Waking Life, and Dazed and Confused), which follows tour guide Timothy …

The Brit List: 10 Stinging British Insults

I should start with a confession. When compiling this list, I assumed it would be a gadabout stone-skim along the top of the English language, each new bounce a perfectly formed (but firmly NSFW) gem.