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For Sale: One Pair Of Leather Trousers Owned By Sir Paul McCartney

Let’s take a quick poll:

Who wants to buy a pair of leather trousers? OK, now of the people who just said yes, who wants to buy a pair of leather trousers that are over 50 years old, and have been worn by two previous owners?

Ten Great British Songs For A Heatwave

It’s really hot in the UK right now. This might not sound like a big deal, especially if you’re reading this in a part of the world that is more used to scorching temperatures than snowmen and big furry boots, but over here, ...

‘Doctor Who’ And The Invasion Of The Pop Stars

Any TV show that has lasted as long, and had as great an impact as Doctor Who would probably have ended up featuring a pop star or two along the way. That’s just simple celebrity thermodynamics in action.

Five British Music Stars That Should Be Knighted

There are few things less attractive than whining, especially from people who are doing pretty well for themselves. It’s ungrateful, it’s bratty and it never, ever arrives with the same righteous fury that it had when ...

Unseen Beatle Notes Are Generously Kept From Collectors

When it comes to the stuff left behind by the Beatles, it’s fair to say the madness of collectors has overtaken whatever joy can be gleaned from the items themselves. Why else would the conversation around such items be restricted ...

Six Iconic Instruments That Built British Rock

Note: these aren’t British instruments. In fact there aren’t many, if any, musical instruments that could be said to have definitely had their sole origin in the British Isles, although bagpipes come close.

Emma Watson And The Nine Scary Waxworks Of Doom

This week, a new waxwork of Emma Watson was revealed at the world famous Madame Tussaud’s in London. She looks, as a lot of waxworks do, not entirely unlike herself, but also not unlike someone else wearing an Emma Watson ...

(Up To) Eleven Of The Greatest British Rocker T-Shirts

See this pic? That’s Sarah from BBC AMERICA’s Orphan Black rocking a particularly iconic Clash teesh.

Five Inspired Beatles Album Cover Parodies

If there is one overarching lesson the world would do well to learn from the internet, it’s that a truly great parody is incredibly hard to pull off. Whereas, a mediocre one seems to be fairly straightforward.

British Cartoonist Bob Godfrey Dies

There’s a generation of British inventives, people who were young during the Second World War, and were used to fixing things, and being creative, using materials that were to hand. Somehow, they managed to put these skills to ...