The Angels Take Manhattan

Steven Moffat Explains That Whole Statue Of Liberty Thing

When your working day is spent making up alternatives to reality and trying to ensure they make the same kind of sense that real reality does (if not more so), there are always going to be people who have questions. And when that …

‘Doctor Who’ iTunes Giveaway: Tell Us Your Favorite ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’ Quote!

Happy Who Year! The Doctor Who Christmas special has come and gone with a gigantic cliffhanger, and we’re looking forward to the franchise’s 50th anniversary year.

‘Doctor Who’ Recap: The Angels Take Manhattan

Is it just me, or has it gone a bit noir in here all of a sudden? It’s all fingers on a typewriter (kids, that’s what people used to use for the Internet before wifi was invented), dark streetwise voice-over, rain, and the …