The Accent of Evil

Alan Rickman’s Villain Image Dies Hard

Alan Rickman bristles a bit whenever anyone says he specializes in playing villains.

David Mitchell: UK Actors Should Stick to Villains, Not Superheroes

Leave it to David Mitchell, star of Peep Show and That Mitchell and Webb Look, to give his own humorously cantankerous but thoughtful take on things. His target this week: Britain’s monopoly on America’s leading superhero …

Colin Quinn On The British Empire and The Accent of Evil (Video)

You may be asking, what does an American comedian like Colin Quinn have to say about Britishness? A lot, apparently.

The Accent of Evil: Your Favorite British Villains

Ahead of BBC AMERICA’s month-long Accent of Evil film series starting September 4th, I asked Anglophenia readers to reveal their favorite British, big-screen baddies. I’m loving some of the old school, B-movie choices that …

British: The Accent of Evil

Ever wonder why ancient Romans in movies always have Oxbridge accents? Today, has done a video slideshow on how Hollywood movies deal with the tricky situation of foreign speech: to subtitle or not to subtitle.