R.I.P. Bill Moggridge: Remembering a British Computer Design Pioneer

The next time you open your laptop computer, pause for a moment to remember British industrial designer Bill Moggridge.

Technology 2 – English Language O

Apple has heavily touted its iPhone 4S’s new voice recognition feature known as Siri, which is supposed to understand what you say to it and actually answer back using words.

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (Apr. 28): The Royal Wedding, Part 2

Because there’s so much anticipation building for tomorrow, and there are just so many people tweeting about the royal wedding, here’s a second installment of today’s UK Twitter Trends.

Royal Roundup: Wedding Will Be Streamed Live on YouTube

Proving once again they are no longer flummoxed by technology, royal officials have announced they will stream the wedding live on YouTube, The Associated Press reports. The four-hour presentation will include the Westminster Abbey …