Sylvester McCoy

‘The Hobbit’ is Topped Up with BBC America Stars

Did Peter Jackson sit down to a marathon of  BBC America programming and just say, “him, him, him … maybe him … him … mmm … yes, him ….” when deciding his cast for The Hobbit?

‘Doctor Who': The Fury Of A Time Lord

There are two personality quirks that unite all eleven Doctors to date. One is that they all share a whimsical sense of humor (although some are less keen to display it than others), and the other is their respective tempers.

‘Doctor Who’ Rogues Gallery: The Cheetah People

I wonder if it’s possible to populate an entire zoo with science-fiction monsters who have the heads of Earth animals. You’d have the Judoon in the rhino enclosure, Planet of the Apes over in the monkey house, Admiral Ackbar …

Life Outside The TARDIS: Sylvester McCoy

Sylvester McCoy was a step in a different direction for the producers of Doctor Who. Beforehand, every new Doctor had been selected due their sterling work in the dramatic or comedic arts — and was then expected to perform in a …

How To Dress Like The Seventh Doctor

This is where it all gets a bit painful, especially if you were around at the time. Everything about the early attempts to make Sylvester McCoy into the Seventh Doctor seem to indicate that as far as the production team were concerned, …