Susan Boyle

2009 In Review: Anglophenia’s Top 10 UK Stories

2009 has finally come to a close, and New Year’s can’t come quickly enough. This was a rancid year, with the economy in shambles, people getting laid off left and right, and thoughts of hope sliding into malaise.

Susan Boyle: The Next John Travolta?

Susan Boyle shocked producers of her special, I Dreamed a Dream, when she busted out some Travolta moves while performing a heartfelt song. The Daily Record reports, “SuBo, 48, was supposed to stand still as she sang ‘Who …

Susan Boyle Was Set Up To Fail

Had she won Britain’s Got Talent, her story wouldn’t be half as compelling, right? Susan Boyle just upped her diva cred exponentially by having to be stashed away in a mental clinic.

Who Will Save Susan Boyle?

Has Britain’s Got Talent created a monster with Susan Boyle? It appears the “sweet Scottish lady” who won millions of fans has yanked off her mask and revealed the rage and terror beneath.