Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle Biopic Moving Forward

Susan Boyle, the 2009 Winner of Britain’s Got Talent, won over the world with her blindsiding, unexpected voice and humbled demeanor. There’s been talk of a movie for a while but nothing concrete so far.

‘SuBo: The Movie’ Takes A Step Nearer Becoming A Thing

Hey world? You know Susan Boyle?

The Brit List: Five Great British Talent Show Contestants

A brief admission, so that you know my heart is pure. I don’t like TV talent shows.

News Roundup: Emma Watson, Too Famous To Date

There are many downsides to growing up in public. The public catching you while you’re in mid transformation from one thing to another and deciding that’s the real you.

News Roundup: Victoria Beckham’s Slipped Disc

We’re well used to the idea that celebrities fiercely guard their privacy at times of high public interest, like when a child is born into their family. But did you know that part of the reason Victoria Beckham wasn’t seen …

News Roundup: It’s Definitely ‘Downton Abbey’s Week

It was always a high-risk strategy, putting two of Britain’s best drama series up against each other on a Sunday night, especially given the plethora of means people can use to catch up with whichever one they didn’t watch …

Vote in the Anglo Fan Favorites Tournament, Women of 2011: Round 1

We've crowned the men's champion. Now let's move on to the ladies. 32 fabulous British women vie for the title. Pippa Middleton or Karen Gillan? Helen Mirren or Joanna Lumley? Start your fan campaigns now and vote!

WATCH: ‘New Susan Boyle’ Already Declared on New Season of British ‘X Factor’

The narrative is beyond cliché: gawky middle-aged sod turns up to a talent show audition, with clearly delusional hopes of becoming a world superstar. (In our corporate celebrity age, we have been trained to believe that all stars …

Are You Ready For SuBo: The Musical?

First it was Elvis, then the Four Seasons, and most recently Spider-Man; you’re not really anyone in this business we call show until you’ve had your life story told on Broadway (or local equivalent).

Susan Boyle Honored with Madame Tussauds Wax Statue

Thanks to Madame Tussauds, the charm of Susan Boyle will now reach beyond her music.