Summer of London

Summer of London: Why the ‘Doctor Who’ Cast Loves London

Though Doctor Who is largely filmed in Cardiff, Wales, the series’ cast are Londoners at heart. Watch as Arthur Darvill, Alex Kingston, and Matt Smith list their favorite things about Britain’s capital:

Summer of London: ‘Copper’ Star Tom Weston-Jones’ Favorite Restaurants

The star of the upcoming 1860s-set police drama Copper offered us two must-visit spots in his native London, a restaurant and, of course, a pub:

The Brit List: Summer of London – Places and Sights

In recent weeks we’ve looked at the art and fashion of The Summer of London, but this week we’re looking at the sights and places of the city itself. However, you won’t find most of the items on our list in typical roundups of …

The Brit List: Five Great British Fashion Designers

London is widely regarded as one of the fashion capitals of the world, and with good reason. The UK has produced some of the world’s most influential designers and fashion trends.

Summer of London: Five Earth and Natural History Series on iTunes

Have you ever come across a documentary on the telly and an hour later you felt much, much smarter? It’s almost like, “How did I not know this before!? I’d like to learn more about what happens when a star explodes.

Summer of London: How John Barrowman Stays So Dapper

As the Summer of London moves forward with a look at fashion from across the pond, Torchwood star John Barrowman chimes in with his favorite London designer.

The Brit List: Summer of London – Fashion Forward

Fashion travels west: we were in London in Summer 2010 and harem pants were huge. It took a year or so for the MC Hammer-like leggings to make it to the States.

WATCH: ‘Spider-Man’ Andrew Garfield Recalls His ‘Doctor Who’ Past

Long before he slithered into that Lycra suit, Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield caught the attention of Doctor Who fans with his appearances in two episodes back in 2007. And the soon-to-be household name recently spoke to …

Summer of London: Five Great British Comedies on iTunes

With the new BBC America docu-comedy Twenty Twelve premiering Thursday (June 28) at 9/8c, we thought it might be fun to “‘av a laugh” by checking out iTunes where BBC America is giggling its way through Summer of …

‘Copper’s Tom Weston-Jones on the British Up-and-Comer to Watch

Tom Weston-Jones will see his profile rise very quickly when his new show, BBC America’s original police drama Copper, premieres on Sunday, August 19. (Fans of MI-5 are already well-acquainted with Weston-Jones’ many …