Summer Movies

The Brit List: Anglophenia’s Top Five Summer Movie Winners and Losers

With Labor Day upon us, the summer movie season is officially over. It will soon be safe for serious moviegoers to go back into theaters without fearing that every single movie will feature comic book heroes, robots or Adam Sandler.

Actor Aaron Johnson Displays Range – and Pecs – in ‘Savages’

There’s nothing like starting early. Aaron Johnson just turned 22 last month but he is already married and the father of two young daughters. He also happens to be one of England’s fastest rising male movie stars.

The ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot: What’s the Point?

He flies through the air with the greatest of ease. That daring young British-American actor, Andrew Garfield, makes the role of Spider-Man his own as he dons red spandex and swings through urban canyons holding on to a strand of web in …

‘Harry Potter’ Aside, British Winners and Losers at Summer’s Box Office

This summer was magical one. That’s because Harry Potter and his fellow wizard pals reigned supreme at the box office.

In ‘Our Idiot Brother,’ Steve Coogan Oozes Smarminess of Past Roles

The chance to see Steve Coogan starkers is only one of many reasons to catch Our Idiot Brother, a beguiling comedy starring Paul Rudd that opens this Friday (Aug. 26).

REVIEW: ‘Fright Night’ Shows a David Tennant Ready to Rule Hollywood

When Fright Night, a merry, updated remake of a 1985 horror hit, opens today (Aug. 19), it should help firmly establish Doctor Who vet David Tennant in Hollywood.

‘Captain America’ Enlists Army of British Supporting Actors

There has been much press of late about British stars being cast as American superheroes — Henry Cavill as Superman and Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man — but it appears the real story is that it takes an English village to raise these …

Film Critic Leah Rozen Ranks the ‘Harry Potter’ Movies

It’s not quite the apocalypse, but the steady stream of Harry Potter movies we’ve all delighted in for the past ten years comes to an end next Friday (July 15) with the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, the …

British Summer Movies: More Than Just ‘Harry Potter’

The Fourth of July marks not only Independence Day for the United States but also the halfway point for summer movies. The beach season kicks off at the multiplex the first week of May and ends Labor Day weekend.

The British are Coming…to Your Local Multiplex

When the Norse god Thor begins swinging his mighty hammer about in multiplexes this weekend, it marks the official start of the summer movie season.