6 Impressive British Stone Structures That Aren’t Stonehenge

Two things are staggering about the Neolithic sites that pepper the British Isles: the first is that there are quite so many in such a small area—approximately 1,300 stone circles across the British Isles and Ireland, and that’s …

Stonehenge is Part of the Longest British Settlement

Here’s a bit of genuinely twisty time travel that may give you historical vertigo.

Stonehenge, the most iconic set of neolithic standing stones in the world, was built around 5,000 years ago. But a new series of archeological finds have confirmed that the stones were positioned where they are, in the middle of …

Five Alternative Uses For The Cerne Abbas Giant

Cover your eyes, readers of a nervous disposition, for the images you are about to witness are not only graphic, and of a sexual nature, but also, like, really, really old.

The Brit List: Summer of London – Art and Museum Shows

Perhaps you’ve noticed that blogs love lists, and we here at Anglophenia are no exception. In fact, during this Summer of London, we’ve even pumped up our list making.

Is Stonehenge A Musical Infographic?

When you’ve got a five-thousand-year-old edifice in the middle of your country, with no real clue as to its original purpose, it’s understandable that a few whackadoo theories might emerge now and again, and believe you me, …