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WATCH: ‘Sherlock’ Mini-Episode ‘Many Happy Returns’

Steven Moffat has had such a jolly good time with his prequels for Doctor Who that he’s gone and done one for Sherlock. As previously announced, the mini-episode “Many Happy Returns” (co-written by Mark Gatiss) has ...

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Eve of Destruction

We now have a day to go before the events at Trenzalore play out in full, the Doctor dies, his time-stream is left behind in the shattered remains of his TARDIS and yet he also somehow manages to regenerate and walk away a different ...

Steven Moffat: “Why Would We Make ‘Sherlock’ Into A Movie?”

In the heirarchy of media, movies sit at the very top of the tree, just above TV, which is just above radio, which is just above books, which are just above magazines and newspapers, which are just above the internet (hello!).

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: On The Twelfth Day of Christmas

It’s a curious feeling, looking forward to all the joy of a normal Christmas, looking forward to a new Doctor Who adventure in the middle of it all (just like there is every year), and yet knowing that by the end of it we’ll ...

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Wooden Cybermen and Blind Daleks

This week, the clues have started to arrive in earnest, teasing ahead to this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special, “The Time of the Doctor,” and creating an air of mystery and anticipation. And as you’d hope, ...

New ‘Sherlock’ Mini-Episode Due On Christmas Day

Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss do like their mini-episodes, doesn’t he?

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: The Aftermath and The Beforemath

Welcome to this week’s gatheration of Whovian flotsam, which is partly a sweeping-up of leftover bits and bobs from “The Day of the Doctor,” and partly an anticipatory squee at the forthcoming “The Time of the ...

Now THIS Is How You Announce A Comeback! #SherlockLives

Never mind hanging the star of your show from a big crane in Trafalgar Square, when the producers of Sherlock wanted to make a fuss about the return of their show next year, they just hired a hearse, put the name of the programme and ...

Five British Sweet Things The Twelfth Doctor Could Carry In His Pocket

Regeneration may bring about entire changes in personality and preference, but some things remain constant. The Doctor, while changing his mind wildy about all manner of foodstuffs, has a very sweet tooth.

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: The Day Of “The Day of The Doctor”

On Saturday, to quote Steven Moffat, the Doctor did the one thing he has always tried to stop other people from doing, he took over the world.