15 Great British Tribute Band Names, And One We Made Up

There’s a definite knack to naming a tribute band: Ideally you’d want a devilishly-clever pun on the band’s name (or at a push, their most famous song or album title), but it has to be one that also explains that …

How Are You Spending ‘Please Please Me’ Day?

50 years ago today, the four musicians in the Liverpudlian band the Beatles assembled in the EMI studios in Abbey Road, London, to make their debut album. There were 10 tracks to record, so that, with the addition of the A and B-sides …

Stuart Cable’s Girlfriend Sets Up Alcohol Awareness Campaign

The UK music community was shaken in June 2010 when founding Stereophonics sticksman Stuart Cable died following a drinking binge. The Welsh-born musician was just 40 years old.