Stephen Fry

The Frightening Majesty Of Stephen Fry In Full Rage

In an age of instant response and social media, the previously straightforward task of taking celebrities down a peg or two can sometimes have unexpectedly frightening consequences.

Stephen Fry: “I Attempted Suicide Last Year”

Public confessions from celebrities are often troublesome to process. Quite apart from the issue of whether it feels appropriate to lay bare your personal life in public – or for private affairs to be used as part of a performance – …

Fancy A Cuppa?

For reasons that escape immediate understanding, a poll has been conducted to discover which person the Brits would most like to have a cup of tea with. It’s been conducted by the charity The Sick Children’s Trust – in …

Jonathan Creek Has Solved The Mystery Of ‘Sherlock’s Death Plunge

See that headline? That headline is my favorite headline out of the many hundreds of headlines I’ve written over the years.

Stephen Fry Signs on to U.S. Pilot ‘Super Clyde’

Stephen Fry, British actor/comedian/writer/game show host, has signed on to the U.S. pilot Super Clyde also starring fellow Brit Ruper Grint (Harry Potter), reports Deadline.

So THIS Is What Fry and Laurie Have Been Working On…

Back in May, we ran a story about Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie working on a new collaborative project for the first time in 13 years. It was, as is appropriate for nowadays, sparked off by a tweet from Stephen, in which he teasingly …

The Brit List: 10 Out-and-Proud British Celebrities

Torchwood star John Barrowman came out to his parents in 1992. (Photo via BBC)

Summer of London: Five Great British Comedies on iTunes

With the new BBC America docu-comedy Twenty Twelve premiering Thursday (June 28) at 9/8c, we thought it might be fun to “‘av a laugh” by checking out iTunes where BBC America is giggling its way through Summer of …

Vote in the Anglo Fan Favorites: Men of 2012, Hiddleston vs. Cumberbatch

It was a sweet inevitability, the race this entire tournament was gearing up for. Yes, there were obstacles and potential spoilers in the way — Alan Rickman loomed as a possible repeat victor, David Tennant nearly knocked out …

Iconic British Things: The Black Cab

Ah there she is! The latest incarnation of a vehicle whose roots go back (in name if not in technology) nearly 400 years.