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Watch: ‘Doctor Who’ Meets ‘Star Wars’ In The Mashup Zone

We’re all big fans of the YouTuber Kelvington and his mash-ups of Doctor Who with other hit franchises, such as Star Trek, Pirates of the Caribbean, and even Back To The Future. So, having heard the news that Biggs from Star Wars ...

Breaking Nerd News: Daniel Radcliffe Has Never Seen ‘Star Wars’

What is the world coming to when a man who self-identifies as a geek, a man who’s spent most of his upbringing having to wear geeky glasses and pretend to be able to do magic, has admitted to having no experience of one of the ...

Why Hasn’t Ewan McGregor Conquered Hollywood? A Look at His Career

Ewan McGregor turned 40 this year, which provides as good an excuse as any to take stock of the Scottish-born actor’s career so far. Oddly enough, for all his talent and good looks, with the notable exception of three Star Wars ...

Help Us Create A Truly Evil Colin Firth

Colin Firth told the Evening Standard recently that he is just dying to let his goody-goody side go for a bit, and play a complete rotter in a film. Not just a cad, but a bounder and a scoundrel to boot.

Palpatine’s Palpitations: Star Wars Star’s Alleged Onstage Heart Attack

Palpatine’s palpitations: Did Ian McDiarmid (Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars) suffer a heart attack onstage and refuse to go to hospital in order to finish his performance?