Tour de France Cycle Race Lands in England

Cycling fever has swept the U.K. over the last three days, as the legendary Tour de France race staged its “Grand Départ” in the north of England before heading south on its way to its homeland.

WATCH: ‘Bad British Commentary’ Delights ‘NFL’ Fans

Here’s a weekend treat for you sports fans, and one that is proving to be surprisingly popular among, y’know, not sports fans too.

Ten Things That Are Just Not Cricket

When the UK version of Buzzfeed opened recently, an enterprising wag named Tom Phillips put up a fake homepage in which he imagined what a British Buzzfeed would look like. It’s a work of comic delight, and it’s here.

Five Great British Sports Crazes Americans Don’t Understand

Sport should be a universal constant. The idea of watching athletic people competing in a ritualized form of combat (albeit one which substitutes inflated bladders for swords and shoulder-pads for armor) goes back as far as society …

Can Sports Movies Like ‘Moneyball’ Play on Both Sides of the Pond?

Baseball is to Britain as chalk is to cheese. The same is true for much of the rest of the world beyond the U.S.

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (Apr. 25): Footballer Darron Gibson Quits Twitter

Soccer player Darron Gibson trended on Twitter in the UK today in a way he apparently didn’t much care for.

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (Apr. 21): Sergio Ramos’ Big Mishap

Poor Sergio Ramos is trending on Twitter in the UK today.

Ramos, a defender for the Real Madrid soccer team, was celebrating his city’s important win over Barcelona – a victory that brought with it the coveted Copa del Rey, or the King’s Cup. The team hadn’t won it in …

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (March 24): Cricketer Michael Yardy Exits World Cup With Depression

Cricketer Michael Yardy is trending on Twitter in the UK today because he’s withdrawn from competition in the 2011 Cricket World Cup for medical reasons. But it’s not a typical sports injury that’s taking him out of …

World Cup Wrap-Up: Spain vs. the Netherlands Final

It’s the Dutch vs. the Spanish: who will rule? Guest blogger Michael Cree is back with a preview of Sunday’s World Cup final. – KW

World Cup Week 3 Wrap-Up: Who’ll Win It All?

by Michael Cree

We’re heading into the last week of World Cup. Anglophenia blogger Michael Cree dares to predict who’ll come out on top in the final July 11. – KW