Sonic Screwdriver

Congrats to Our First ‘Doctor Who’ iTunes Giveaway Winner!

As we celebrate The Science of Doctor Who with a new BBC AMERICA special, Saturday (August 4) at 9/8c, we asked two of the special’s celebrity Whovians, Nerdist host Chris Hardwick and The Indoor Kids‘ Emily Gordon, how …

‘Doctor Who': How Sonic Screwdrivers Could Become a Reality

Doctor Who continues to push the boundaries of science. In the popular British sci-fi series, the Doctor uses a “sonic screwdriver” to open doors, manipulate objects, and other feats.

Matt Smith, Is That a Sonic Screwdriver in Your Pocket?

This is why the Doctor travels by TARDIS: Heathrow Airport security stopped new Doctor Who star Matt Smith, thinking his sonic screwdriver prop was a weapon. The Sun‘s source says, “Matt was very polite and explained what …