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World Cup 2010 Preview: Spain, Switzerland, Honduras, and Chile

by Michael Cree

All bets are on Spain to win this year’s World Cup, with Switzerland, Honduras, and Chile jockeying for second place within the final group of the draw. Michael Cree predicts where the chips will fall.

World Cup 2010 Preview: Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, and Cameroon

This year’s Dutch team has what it takes to win it all. But could Denmark offer a formidable challenge? Michael Cree previews Group E in the tournament draw.

World Cup 2010 Preview: Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand and Slovakia

2006 World Cup champion Italy is back to defend their trophy. What are their chances for back-to-back titles? Guest blogger Michael Cree wades in.

World Cup 2010 Preview: Germany, Australia, Serbia, and Ghana

by Michael Cree

Germany enters the tournament with some real challenges. Can a strong Serbian team capitalize on their weaknesses?

World Cup 2010 Preview: England, USA, Slovenia, and Algeria

by Michael Cree

Who will prevail in this transatlantic rivalry between England and the U.S.?

World Cup 2010 Preview: South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, and France

by Michael Cree

The World Cup kicks off this Friday in South Africa, and guest blogger/soccer diehard Michael Cree will be here Monday through Thursday to give you an exclusive preview of the tournament’s biggest match-ups. Today, he provides ...

World Cup 2010 Preview: Argentina, Nigeria, South Korea, and Greece

by Michael Cree

Guest blogger/soccer diehard Michael Cree gives his expert analysis on Group B of the World Cup tournament draw…will Argentina walk away with it all? – KW