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10 British Things About San Francisco, CA

Harry Potter‘s Daniel Radcliffe is set to star in Kill Your Darlings as American Beat Generation writer Allen Ginsberg, who was based in San Francisco, CA during the 1950s, where he first read his now famous poem ...

10 British Things About New York City

You can’t walk too far in NYC without hearing a British accent. In addition to our British expat friends, here are 10 British Things About NYC:

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (Apr. 25): Footballer Darron Gibson Quits Twitter

Soccer player Darron Gibson trended on Twitter in the UK today in a way he apparently didn’t much care for.

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (Apr. 21): Sergio Ramos’ Big Mishap

Poor Sergio Ramos is trending on Twitter in the UK today.

Ramos, a defender for the Real Madrid soccer team, was celebrating his city’s important win over Barcelona – a victory that brought with it the coveted Copa del Rey, or the King’s Cup. The team hadn’t won it in ...

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (Apr. 7): Soccer Star Wayne Rooney’s Potty Mouth

Soccer star Wayne Rooney is trending today on Twitter in the UK.

England’s Football Association today rejected an appeal by Manchester United’s Rooney, who had been slapped with a two-game suspension for swearing into a TV camera during a game last weekend.

World Cup Wrap-Up: Spain vs. the Netherlands Final

It’s the Dutch vs. the Spanish: who will rule? Guest blogger Michael Cree is back with a preview of Sunday’s World Cup final. – KW

World Cup Week 3 Wrap-Up: Who’ll Win It All?

by Michael Cree

We’re heading into the last week of World Cup. Anglophenia blogger Michael Cree dares to predict who’ll come out on top in the final July 11. – KW

World Cup Week 2 Wrap Up: France’s Shame, America’s Triumph

by Michael Cree

France bowed out in disgrace, but the U.S. pulled off an astonishing victory that sends them to the next round. Guest blogger Michael Cree wraps up the electrifying second week of the World Cup. – KW

World Cup Week 1 Wrap Up: Spain Gets Spanked

by Michael Cree

Guest blogger Michael Cree looks back at the first week of the World Cup. For more coverage of the tournament, go to BBC.com/sport. – KW

World Cup 2010 Preview: Brazil, North Korea, Ivory Coast, and Portugal

by Michael Cree

Does Brazil have a shot at extending its World Cup record to six trophies? And could the Ivory Coast be the first African team to win a title, fittingly in the first tournament hosted on African soil?