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Snapshot: Preview of Brits on American Fall TV

Doctor Who alums Karen Gillan and David Tennant lead the Brit-pack in commandeering American television, each starring in a prime-time television series. Other familiar faces include Dominic West and Ruth Wilson, both married ...

Prince Harry Turns 30: A Year-By-Year Gallery

Today (September 15) marks Prince Harry‘s 30th birthday, making us think, “What would Harry do?” Possibly a friendly soccer match to kick off the festivities?

Snapshot: 21 Photos of an Ideal Afternoon at One of London’s Royal Botanic Gardens

We’ve taken a spin around London’s parks and gardens, but let’s actually take a walk through one of them, Kew Gardens, at Brentford Gate, in Kew, London, to be specific. I had the pleasure of being introduced to Kew by ...

Snapshot: 15 British Celebs Decked Out in Kilts

As the saying goes: “Real men wear kilts.” Starz’s original series Outlander, based in both 20th and 18th century Scotland, revolves around romance, time travel, and combat … with one of the best takeaways ...

Snapshot: 50 Years of Dame Julie Andrews

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the release of the classic Disney musical Mary Poppins — and as such, it’s also fifty years since Dame Julie Andrews first appeared on screen.

Snapshot: 12 Photos of Liverpool, England

Perhaps most famous now as the birthplace of the Beatles, Liverpool is a historic port city on the North-West coast of England, which throughout the nineteenth century was at the center of Britain’s shipping trade. Nowadays ...

Snapshot: 15 Photos of British Tattoos

Tattoos have been a form of creative expression in Great Britain going back to as early as 1862 when the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII (Queen Victoria‘s son), started a fad with his first tattoo being a Jerusalem cross. ...

Photos of Great Britain's Trusty Lighthouses

While the lighthouse may not be in full force like it was back in the day due to new technology, it is still a tall and strong structure holding down the fort in the U.K.

Snapshot: 14 Photos of British Rock Stars' Children

People may scream their heads off at performances, or fall over themselves to get a peek at British Rock Royalty like Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger, but to some they’re simply just “Dad.

Snapshot: 13 Photos of English Bulldogs

Hot diggity, today is National Hot Dog Day. It’s not a bad reason to head out to your nearest vendor and grab a dog, or celebrate the delicious treat by indulging at home.