British Government Site Advertises For ‘New 007′

I’m not sure, given that this is a story about a prank job advert, whether I want it to be true or not. I mean, it’s definitely not true, this is an advert for a job that absolutely only really exists in the Bond movies.

Daniel Craig Surprises British Troops With An Eyeful of ‘Skyfall’

No, this is not the first day of shooting on the NEXT Bond movie. What you’re seeing here is a photo taken during a surprise visit Daniel Craig paid to Camp Bastion, home to 800 British troops in Afghanistan.

WATCH: The Importance of Being a Bond Villain

Sixty-one-year-old actor Robert Davi, who played Bond’s nemesis in Licence to Kill in 1989, is, as you might expect, a big advocate of the importance of the villain in the 007 franchise.

Sam Mendes Owes ‘Skyfall’ Gig to Daniel Craig – and, Possibly, Alcohol

Sam Mendes says it’s thanks to a liquored up Daniel Craig that he had the chance to direct Skyfall, the new James Bond film that opens today (November 9).

50 Years of James Bond: With ‘Skyfall,’ Daniel Craig Now Owns 007

James Bond may not have a middle name but Daniel Craig does. His is Wroughton, as in Daniel Wroughton Craig.


In the new Bond film, Skyfall, out tomorrow (Friday, November 9) Dame Judi Dench found her role as M had been significantly expanded.  Her character is far more central to the plot and she is present in many more scenes.

Top Gear Thursday: Life is ‘the Pits’ for Richard Hammond

“Is there anything here that doesn’t hurt or sound unpleasant?” Richard Hammond asks plaintively about the job he undertakes on next week’s Crash Course.

We Want Our ‘Skyfall’ Already!

Skyfall is, according to many who’ve seen it, the best Bond ever. We’ve been hearing that for more than three weeks now from reviewers, but for nearly two weeks, we’ve been hearing it from actual moviegoers in Britain and …

Daniel Craig on ‘Skyfall': “I Just Get a Kick Out of It”

These are good times for Daniel Craig – not only did he boost his reputation by escorting the Queen to the Olympic Games in the summer but he’s also getting considerable acclaim for his third outing as 007 in the new Bond film …

WATCH: There’s ‘Honor’ in Being a ‘Bond Woman,’ Says ‘Skyfall’s’ Naomie Harris

Ever since Ursula Andress stepped out of the ocean sexily clad in a bikini in 1962’s Dr. No, the first ever 007 film, the Bond girl has been a staple of the franchise.