The Tellyvangelist – Jan. 17-23

In this week’s Tellyvangelist — your weekly guide to all that’s British on U.S.

Look Ahead at 2011: UK TV Series Receiving American Makeovers

Those bigwigs in Hollywood love their British telly. In a feverish race to provide fresh content to hungry American viewers, producers, writers, and executives maintain a watchful eye on the shows that are catching fire across the pond, …

Watch: Two New Clips From MTV’s ‘Skins’

As fans look forward to the forthcoming U.S. installment of Skins, Anglophenia hopes to sate your excitement with two sneak peeks.

Bryan Elsley Reveals More About MTV’s ‘Skins’

Since Entertainment Weekly debuted the official trailer for the forthcoming MTV installment of Skins last month, fans across the web have been in constant chatter, wondering what’s in store for the American remake.

Roundup: Stephen Graham Talks ‘Pirates 4′ and Johnny Depp

British actor Stephen Graham has had quite a busy year starring as Combo in Shane Meadows and Jack Thorne's four-part television drama, This Is England '86 and taking on Al Capone in HBO's Boardwalk Empire. Now the Snatch …

Watch: Sneak Peek of the US Installment of ‘Skins’

We've been waiting for this, haven't we? The American spin-off of the British cult favorite Skins, as seen on BBC America, is finally shaping up.

New Skins Cast Announced – With Dakota Blue Richards from The Golden Compass!

Check out the hot new cast of Skins – which, on first glance, seems to be almost a throwback to the landmark first cast. And there’s some big news: a very brace-faced Dakota Blue Richards, known for her childhood role in …

Why Skins’ Dev Patel Kept Slumdog Romance Private

OK, how big of a hero must former Skins star Dev Patel be to gangly, awkward dudes around the globe? He successfully woos one of the most beautiful women on the planet while starring in Oscar’s Best Picture.

Who Should Be Brought Back for the Skins Movie?

It’s being adapted into an MTV series here in the U.S.

News Trickling Out on U.S. Version of Skins

AfterElton has nabbed some casting sides of the MTV version of Skins and says the show will maintain the edginess (and gay-friendliness) of the original. “Based on those sides, AfterElton can report that Skins USA does feature a …