Sir Elton John

The Brit List: Five Alternative Sources Of Paul McCartney

Let’s face facts, Sir Paul McCartney – national treasure that he is, global unificator, former Beatle, former Wing, and generally energetic and breezy presence at the rock ‘n’ roll tea party – is not going to last …

Music Roundup: Five Official Themes From The London Games

Here’s Elbow’s score for the BBC coverage of the games. They’ve arranged it so it can be cropped into tiny bits and used for trails, montages and all sorts.

Justin Timberlake To Play Elton John: The Elephant In The Room

Please note, this article is in no way intended to call Sir Elton John an elephant, in a room or otherwise. However, there is a slight problem with the idea that the film producer (and partner of the great man) David Furnish has cast …

News Roundup: James McAvoy To Play Elton John?

Film biopics of musicians often follow a very similar pattern. There’s the childhood trauma, the discovery of talent, the struggling to get noticed, the fame, the drugs, the trouble that comes with success/fame/drugs, and the …

News Roundup: Amy Winehouse’s Toxicology Report

Amy Winehouse’s  family have just released a statement concerning her toxicology report, which has come out in advance of the results of her inquest.

George Michael Offers Prince William a Song, 20 Years Late

We all have certain regrets in our lives, things we wish we could’ve done differently. For some it could be a harsh word to a dear friend or relative, to others, an opportunity missed or a trip down the wrong fork in the road.

Tribeca Film Festival to Kick Off with Elton John Documentary

BBC News reports that a film showcasing Sir Elton John‘s most recent collaboration with American singer/songwriter Leon Russell will launch the 10th annual Tribeca Film Festival on April 20 in New York City.

Royal Roundup: The Dish on the Royal Wedding Guest List

When the guest list is limited to a mere 5,000, hard choices must be made. The Sun reports that few celebrities will be invited to the royal wedding.