Sir Anthony Hopkins

Derek Jacobi Was Nearly Hannibal Lecter

There’s a great alternate history of Hollywood to be written, in which the actors that just missed out on getting certain iconic screen roles are shown having got the part.

WATCH: Sir Anthony Hopkins as a Compelling Alfred Hitchcock

Although Sir Anthony Hopkins doesn’t bear a close physical resemblance to Alfred Hitchcock he does very effectively portray the portly Master of Suspense in the new Hitchcock film out this week.

Kenneth Branagh: Sir Anthony Convinced Me To Play Sir Laurence

You know if you get a mirror, and then you put a mirror up in front of it, and you get endless reflections, tailing off into green infinity? That’s got to be what it’s like to be an actor playing a famous actor, right?

The Tellyvangelist: Mar. 14 – 20

In this week’s Tellyvangelist — your weekly guide to all that’s British on U.S.