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10 American Actors Who’ve Done British TV

At the moment, it is relatively commonplace to see British stars infiltrate American TV shows—from Damian Lewis in Homeland to Hugh Laurie in House to Karen Gillan in Selfie—but it’s rarer to come across an actual famous …

Recap: Big Relief! No One Dies in ‘Downton Abbey’ Finale

What a difference a year makes. Remember the bummer of last year’s final episode of Downton Abbey, when viewers were left in shock and tears as Matthew Crawley died in an auto accident just hours after the birth of his first son and …

Downton Abbey News Roundup: Paul Giamatti Joins the Show, and Other News

There will be even more pushy Americans crowding into Downton Abbey next season.

The show’s producer has announced that Oscar-nominated actor Paul Giamatti will be joining the popular British series for the season-ending special, which airs on Christmas Day in the U.K.

British Celebs You Should Follow on Twitter: ‘Downton Abbey’ Edition

If you’re still recovering from the Downton Abbey finale you’re not alone. Literally, you can check in with other fans and the stars of the show on Twitter. Check out which actors are on Twitter and who will Tweet you back!

Shirley MacLaine Dishes on ‘Downton Abbey,’ Disses Lindsay Lohan

Shirley MacLaine is at it again. The irrepressible veteran star, who arrives at Downton Abbey for the Emmy-winning drama’s third season, is stirring up waves with a no-holds barred interview she gave to a British newspaper last …

‘Downton’ Roundup: Watch First Clip of Shirley MacLaine at the ‘Abbey’

Hold tight, Downton Abbey fans. There’s just another six months to go until Season 3 begins airing on PBS in early 2013. (Or one could travel to England, where Season 3 starts showing on ITV this fall.)

Shirley MacLaine Discusses the Spirits of ‘Downton Abbey’

Reincarnation believer Shirley MacLaine says that filming Downton Abbey on location at Highclere Castle in England was “like stepping back in time. The whole place seemed haunted and full of otherworldly spirits.

Shirley MacLaine to Join ‘Downton Abbey’ for Season 3

Here’s reason for cheering long and loudly. Veteran actress, Oscar-winner, and bestselling author Shirley MacLaine, 77, is bringing her special brand of kooky joie de vivre to Downton Abbey.