Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne and Courtney Love May Go To Court

Have Sharon Osbourne and Courtney Love taken their battle to court? Sharon has notoriously alleged that Courtney introduced her son Jack to drugs.

Sharon Osbourne Slams Her Brother, Courtney Love

Sharon Osbourne is at war with her brother, David Arden, after he went to News of the World for a vicious tell-all interview. Arden says Sharon lied about a nasty dog mauling at her parents’ home that she claims caused a …

Playing Catch-Up: Amy Winehouse’s Bravura Mercury Performance, Jude Law Arrested.

Lots to catch everyone up on from the past week, which saw the announcement of this year’s Mercury Prize winner. Let’s get to it:

Jack Osbourne Shagged Paris Hilton, Say Proud Parents Ozzy and Sharon

In an interview with The Sun, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne proudly (!) revealed that son Jack Osbourne did the Dirty Dirty with our favorite inmate, Paris Hilton.

Celeb Psychotherapy: Coming To a TV Near You.

Former Not the Nine O’Clock News hottie Pamela Stephenson has been re-born as a licensed clinical psychologist, and she’s offering celebs therapy, which isn’t unusual. What is notable is that she’s offering it in …