Secretly British

Warning: Frances Fisher Is… Secretly British

You might not recognize her name right away, but many of you certainly know Frances Fisher‘s face. Some of her biggest Hollywood roles include Clint Eastwood‘s 1992 western Unforgiven, where she played a prostitute madam …

Warning: Scott Speedman Is… Secretly British

Ah yes, Scott Speedman. We know this dirty-blonde looker well, don’t we?

Warning: Kim Cattrall Is… Secretly British

It seems strange to think that around the time that Kim Cattrall was born in 1956 in Liverpool, a bunch of local kids were thinking about forming the band which would eventually become the Beatles. Not that she’d be around to see …

Warning: Bob Hope Was… Secretly British

There’s a British gag which goes: “The Americans have got Johnny Cash, Bob Hope, and Stevie Wonder, we’ve got no cash, no hope and no bloody wonder!”

Five ‘Secretly British’ Stars of the Silver Screen

They are among us. They look like us, they speak like us, and they’ve fully absorbed our way of life. But they are most assuredly not like us.