Secretly British

Warning: Nicollette Sheridan Is… Secretly British

On a list of British actresses — say, Samantha Morton, Anna Friel, and Jane Leeves — Nicollette Sheridan would seem quite out of place, right? After all, Sheridan was one of the leading beauties of American primetime soaps during …

Warning: Vernon Reid Is…Secretly British

See that look? That’s the look of a man who knows his porridge is being burned, and his tea is already stone cold. Vernon Reid, the twiddle-fingered guitarist in Living Color, was born in London, and grew up in Brooklyn.

Warning: Slash Is…Secretly British

So, we know that Mr Saul Hudson, the artist formally known as Slash, is British. He was born in London’s leafy Hampstead in 1965, raised in Stoke-On-Trent until 1970, and then moved to LA.

Warning: David Byrne Is…Secretly British

Actually, if we’re being technical, the former Talking Heads lead singer and all-round rock boffin is also (very slightly) Secretly Canadian, seeing as he lived in Hamilton, Ontario for seven years as a child.

Warning: Naomi Watts Is… Secretly British

When thinking of Naomi Watts, some of her biggest film roles obviously come to mind: Mulholland Drive, The Ring, and King Kong. Her incredible performance in 2003’s 21 Grams, which earned her BAFTA and Oscar nominations for Best …

Warning: Mischa Barton Is… Secretly British

Geographical locations loom large in the life of Mischa Barton. Born in Hammersmith, west London, to an Irish mother and a Mancunian father, the whole family moved to New York when Mischa was just six years old.

Warning: John Barrowman Is… Secretly British

John Barrowman It is just TYPICAL of John Barrowman that he would turn out be an American in a hit British TV show, who was actually British all along. As befits the rapacious needs of his Doctor Who character Captain Jack Harkness, …