WATCH: 9 British Dishes Everyone Should Try

British food has a longstanding global reputation for being inedible sludge, boiled beyond recognition and leeched of anything approximating flavor. But this reputation could not be less deserved, and it’s high time that this ...

Dunkin Donuts Makes Its Way to the UK

Dunkin’ Donuts is giving it another go in the U.K … the ol’ college effort as some might say. DD had stores in Britain, but pulled out in the mid-nineties, as it just didn’t catch on.

Five Good Places To Get A Scone In The Lake District (In 2013)

If you saw this week’s Doctor Who adventure The Rings of Akhaten, you may find yourself unaccountably pining for a scone in the Lake District. You may not even be sure where the Lake District is, or if it is actually a real place ...