WATCH: 9 British Dishes Everyone Should Try

British food has a longstanding global reputation for being inedible sludge, boiled beyond recognition and leeched of anything approximating flavor. But this reputation could not be less deserved, and it’s high time that this …

Dunkin Donuts Makes Its Way to the UK

Dunkin’ Donuts is giving it another go in the U.K … the ol’ college effort as some might say. DD had stores in Britain, but pulled out in the mid-nineties, as it just didn’t catch on.

Five Good Places To Get A Scone In The Lake District (In 2013)

If you saw this week’s Doctor Who adventure The Rings of Akhaten, you may find yourself unaccountably pining for a scone in the Lake District. You may not even be sure where the Lake District is, or if it is actually a real place …