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WATCH: Matt Smith in Full ‘Lost River’ Trailer

When the teaser trailer for Lost River came out last year, it was a little difficult to work out what was going on, with Matt Smith riding down a run-down street in a car exhorting people to look at his muscles.

WATCH: Matt Smith in the First Teaser for ‘Lost River’

This, friends, is what British people of a certain age and social background would call a rum do.

Matt Smith Has A Personal Message For You…

The facts, as we know and understand them so far:

Fact 1: Matt Smith is currently in Detroit.

Matt Smith to Star in Ryan Gosling’s Directorial Debut ‘How To Catch a Monster’

Huge news: Doctor Who star Matt Smith has landed his first stateside leading role in Ryan Gosling‘s directorial debut, How to Catch a Monster, Variety reports. Eva Mendes and Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks are his co-stars on …