Russell T. Davies

The Power Players of British Culture: Tom Stoppard, Damien Hirst…Keira Knightley?

Nicholas Hynter, artistic director for Britain’s National Theatre, has been named The Most Culturally Important Person in the UK by The Daily Telegraph. A panel including Julian Fellowes and Emilia Fox selected the paper’s …

Weakest Link Host Anne Robinson Beckons Celeb Guest To “Feel Her Breasts”

They’re real, and they’re spectacular: Weakest Link host Anne Robinson asked celeb contestant Olly Smith to “feel her breasts” during a taping of the show. A shockingly low 16 viewers were alarmed by this.

Will Tennant and Davies Return For Doctor Who’s Fifth Season?

Doctor Who‘s fourth season officially premieres on Saturday in the UK, but the show’s stars got the full Hollywood treatment with a gala premiere party in London. David Tennant was mum on the subject of a fifth season, and …

20 More Years of Doctor Who?

Russell T. Davies thinks Doctor Who could run for 20 years. “It’s no good looking at that American pattern of making seven years if you’re lucky – that’s just not going to work.

Russell T. Davies Says BBC May Edit Torchwood For Kids, But the Same-Sex Kisses Stay In!

BBC2 will air an edited version of Torchwood for younger viewers, but Russell T. Davies was adamant that same-sex kissing NOT be removed. Good for him!

Robin Hood’s Will Scarlett To Be the Next Doctor Who?

Before you blow a bulb in your pretty little head, calm down and take a deep breath: this story comes from WENN. But could Harry Lloyd, who plays Will Scarlett on BBC AMERICA’s Robin Hood, be the next Doctor Who?

So James Nesbitt As Doctor Who…What Do You Think, BBC AMERICA Fans?

Doctor Who creator Russell T. Davies and star David Tennant have not announced their departures yet, but that hasn’t stopped The Sun from predicting their replacements.

Catherine Tate On Doctor Who Has a Few Viewers Bovvered

Take a day off to celebrate the nation’s birthday and look what happens: comedian Catherine Tate has been announced as David Tennant‘s new sidekick on Doctor Who, a decision that has proven wildly controversial. (The …

Noooo! Could Russell T. Davies Quit Doctor Who?

It’s looking more likely than ever that Russell T. Davies will leave Doctor Who after the fourth series.

Iraq War About To Get A Little Harry

Oh, and you thought he was bluffing? Prince Harry will, in fact, be deployed to Iraq, which is – as much as we’d hate to see anything happen to his little ginger face – his job.