Russell T. Davies

Torchwood’s New World Comes to Light

Forget Robbie Williams‘ teetotal nuptials: this weekend’s biggest news was about Torchwood. The “rebooted” fourth season of the show finally has a name, and it’s Torchwood: The New World.

American Torchwood In Development at Fox

I’d heard rumors about this for a little while, but today The Hollywood Reporter revealed the news: Fox is developing a U.S.

Russell T Davies Explains Last Night’s Shocking Torchwood

Torchwood: Children of Earth is an “adult show,” Russell T Davies tells Entertainment Weekly. Don’t read this if you haven’t watched Episode 4.

Davies, Tennant Explain Why They’re Leaving Doctor Who

Russell T. Davies and David Tennant talked to the The Times about what they’ve accomplished with their new take on Doctor Who.

Torchwood: Children of Earth Coming To New York ComicCon

Fab news for Torchwood fans – get your keisters to NYC for next Saturday. Here’s the official press release:

Does Torchwood Need Fixing?

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Russell T. Davies Out, Steven Moffat In at Doctor Who

I guess The Sun was right all along: Russell T. Davies has officially announced his departure as executive producer of Doctor Who.

Torchwood and Doctor Who Help Make Wales Cool

Russell T. Davies, creator of Cardiff-set hits Doctor Who and Torchwood, has done so much for Wales’ profile, “there is talk of [building] a statue” in Cardiff, according to The Times.

The Power Players of British Culture: Tom Stoppard, Damien Hirst…Keira Knightley?

Nicholas Hynter, artistic director for Britain’s National Theatre, has been named The Most Culturally Important Person in the UK by The Daily Telegraph. A panel including Julian Fellowes and Emilia Fox selected the paper’s ...

Weakest Link Host Anne Robinson Beckons Celeb Guest To “Feel Her Breasts”

They’re real, and they’re spectacular: Weakest Link host Anne Robinson asked celeb contestant Olly Smith to “feel her breasts” during a taping of the show. A shockingly low 16 viewers were alarmed by this.