Russell Brand

Celebrity Hook/Break-Ups of 2012

Let’s take a peek at who got together this year and others who called it quits.

Harry Styles & Taylor Swift

Brit Spotting: Does Russell Brand Have a New Bird?

The life of a stand-up comic is rough. Long, lonely nights on the road landing you at gross dive bars. Just ask Russell Brand. Well, maybe he’s the exception.

Russell Brand On Community Service And The London Games

There are times when it feels as if the thoughts of Russell Brand – about anything at all – are the last thing anyone needs right now. Having weathered his hot moment from sex-addicted popinjay of stand-up to painfully generic …

Katy Perry Divorces Russell Brand With A Love Heart And A Smiley

A signature must have a very different meaning when you’re in the public eye. People asking for autographs all the time, it can’t feel like you’re giving as big an assurance of your word as it does to those of us who …

Russell Brand is Divorcing Katy Perry

They buried the announcement on the cusp of a holiday weekend: one of Hollywood’s biggest transatlantic couples is no more, as British comedian Russell Brand has filed for divorce from American pop star Katy Perry. “Sadly, …

WATCH: Russell Brand and Catherine Zeta Jones In ‘Rock Of Ages’ Trailer

Well now here’s a trailer that creates more questions than it answers. For example: Russell Brand, is he always going to play a rock star (or a millionaire who acts like a rock star) in films?

Ben Stiller Recreates Classic British Kids TV Show ‘Rentaghost’

I can hardly believe I’m writing this. When I was very young indeed, there was a show on the TV called Rentaghost, about an agency which hired out spooks and spectres for haunting purposes.

News Roundup: Superheroes Tackle Disability In ‘Superior’

If you saw Matthew Vaughn’s movie adaptation of the Mark Millar comic book Kick-Ass last year, you’ll know these are two men with a really good handle on the backstory behind superheroes, and how the mythology works, even …

News Roundup: Canada Is Russell Brand-Proof

It’s not easy being Russell Brand. Oh sure, everyone loves you and your strange talkyspeak and your Utopian exhortations, but you’re also a recovering drug addict with several arrests under your belt, just the kind of guy …

News Roundup: Victoria Beckham’s Slipped Disc

We’re well used to the idea that celebrities fiercely guard their privacy at times of high public interest, like when a child is born into their family. But did you know that part of the reason Victoria Beckham wasn’t seen …