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It’s War! Russell Brand Feuds with Rupert Murdoch

Russell Brand either doesn’t know his Mark Twain or has chosen to ignore it.

‘The Sun’ Editor David Dinsmore: “Page 3 Stays” … Including Topless Women

Part of England’s charm has always been its adherence to tradition. Consider the supporting evidence: the royal family, the guards at Buckingham palace, the inability of a Brit to win a singles’ title at Wimbledon (the last was …

Rupert Murdoch Calls British Hacking Victims ‘Scumbag Celebrities’

Who needs News of the World when you have Twitter?

Perhaps that’s the way Rupert Murdoch looks at things, since the hacking scandal forced his company News International to close the British tabloid last year.

Royal Roundup: Murdoch Tabloid Hired Private Eye to Spy on William

The News of the World hired a former policeman to covertly track more than 100 people, including Prince William and others connected to the royal family.

FBI Investigating Alleged Hacking of Jude Law’s Cell Phone

Actor Jude Law‘s accusation that the News of the World hacked his cell phone is, on its face, similar to the thousands of other alleged privacy violations that have emerged throughout the ongoing hacking scandal.

LIVE: Commons Debate on Phone-Hacking Rages on After Cameron Speaks

Yesterday, Rupert and James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks faced both tough questions and shaving cream-wielding assailants.

WATCH: Rupert Murdoch ‘Attacked’ With Shaving Foam During Hearing

There's a quite gripping drama happening across the pond, and it's not written by Steven Moffat.

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (Apr. 13): ‘Bugger Bugged’ by Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant is trending on Twitter in the UK today not because of a film role but because of the role he played in turning the tables on a former tabloid reporter in the current scandal over celebrity phone hacking.

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (Apr. 8): News International Apologizes to Hacked Celebrities

A tarnished tabloid and a high-stakes horse race are both trending on Twitter in the UK today.

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