Rupert Grint

JK Rowling Keeps The Magic Alive With ‘Pottermore’

For the last week, fans of the Harry Potter franchise have been trying to puzzle out what JK Rowling’s new website Pottermore is all about. There was a holding page put up, which featured two owls, so with that and the name it was …

WATCH: New Full-Length ‘Harry Potter’ Trailer

Oh blimey. This is going to be just so awesome.

Will The Final Harry Potter Film Contain Swearing?

I have a question for you. Is Harry Potter still essentially a children’s story?

WATCH: Harry Potter Actors Sum Up The Experience In One Word

It’s just such a lovely simple idea. Take a video camera, the cast of the Harry Potter film franchise, and point it at them, one by one, while asking them to sum up the experience of working on eight of the biggest British films …

Rupert Grint: Sad To Leave His Magical Childhood Behind

In all of the hullabaloo around the last part of the final Harry Potter film coming out, one perspective which hasn’t really been examined is the coming of age of the actors who’ve spent their teenage years making films …

UK College Students Hail James Corden, Nigella Lawson as H-O-T

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And everyone has their own personal tastes and types, especially when it comes to celebrities.

WATCH: Trailer for Part 2 of ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’

Rejoice Harry Potter fans! The first full-length trailer for the second and final part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is finally here! Are you excited?

New ‘Harry Potter’ Documentary on the Way

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, wondering what you’ll do with your attention and your time once the final installment of the film franchise hits the cinema screens in July, do not fret. The film’s producers, David Heyman …

‘Harry Potter’ Film Series Wins Early BAFTA Award

Although the ceremony is over a week away, Harry Potter has already won a BAFTA award. As BBC News reports, the entire film franchise, based on JK Rowling‘s best-selling fantasy novels, will receive this year’s Outstanding …

Rupert Grint to Give His Famous Ginger Tresses a Break?

It’s a good thing that the Harry Potter movies are nearly done because one of its major stars could have been unrecognizable if he had anything to say about it.