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New Trailer: Emily Blunt, Bill Nighy, Rupert Grint in “Wild Target”

Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt – Golden Globe winners for playing father and daughter in the BBC AMERICA movie Gideon’s Daughter – have re-teamed for the new British comedy, Wild Target, which will finally be released in ...

St. Trinian’s Finally Hits U.S. Screens

It’s been nearly two years since the film’s release in the UK, but the remake of St. Trinian’s has finally arrived in theaters stateside.

Rupert Everett Gives His Take on Fellow “Freak” Michael Jackson

Is this the pot calling the kettle “not black”? In an interview with The Daily Mirror, Rupert Everett, a man who has destroyed his face, calls Michael Jackson a “freak” and says the late superstar is better off ...

Is the Reaction Towards Susan Boyle Sexist?

The Guardian‘s Tanya Gold says that Brits should be ashamed of themselves for doubting Susan Boyle‘s talent because of her looks: “Why are we so shocked when ‘ugly’ women can do things, rather than ...

Oh Dear…Rupert Everett Strikes Again!

Yes, Rupert Everett says some silly and often outright stupid things, but sometimes, he’s almost Morrissey-esque with his wit. Take his interview with The Daily Beast‘s Kevin Sessums, where Rupey plays the bitter old maid ...

Rupert Everett’s Explicit Sex Comment Stuns BBC Hosts

There goes Rupert Everett causing trouble again: the BBC reports that the actor “shocked the presenters of BBC One’s Breakfast program with a lewd comment about indulging in sexual activity.” I had to go to Jonathan ...

Who Needs Homophobes When You’ve Got Rupert Everett?

Openly gay actor Rupert Everett says his fellow ‘mos make bad adoptive parents.(Towleroad)

Heather Mills Jagger?

Before Paul McCartney, Heather had her sights set on Mick Jagger.