Royal Wedding Swag

Kate Middleton Honored with ‘God Save the Queen’ Poster Revamp

First she was Tatler magazine’s pop art princess, but now Kate Middleton has received her own glam-tinged Sex Pistols-inspired poster.

Royal Roundup: Another Royal Wedding Comic Book In the Works

As previously reported, a Kate Middleton and Prince William comic book is in the offing. Why not two?

‘No More Waity, Katie’ Nail Polish to Commemorate Royal Wedding

The plethora of goodies surrounding Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s springtime royal wedding is just getting ridiculous. We recently informed you about the colorful comic book that’s coming.

‘Fame: The Royals’ Comic Book Pays Tribute to William and Kate

When it comes to royal weddings, there’s plenty of memorabilia to honor the occasion. And with Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s spring nuptials, you can already get your hands on several collector’s items such as …