Royal Wedding Cakes

Royal Roundup: Sweet News for Baker Fiona Cairns

The bakers have been announced for the two cakes that will be served at Kate and William’s wedding reception. The multi-tiered wedding fruit cake will be crafted by Leicestershire’s Fiona Cairns.

Royal Roundup: Mug Celebrates Wedding of Kate and… Prince Harry?

Given the deluge of royal memorabilia, it’s surprising it didn’t happen sooner. The Telegraph has uncovered a true collector’s item: a mug celebrating the wedding with a smiling Kate Middleton on the right and staring …

Royal Roundup: Betty Crocker Bakes Cakes ‘Fit for a Royal Wedding’

There’s no institution more American than Betty Crocker. America – the land that successfully rebelled against a British king.

Brides Checklist: Let William and Kate Eat Cake!

Wedding planning can be both anxiety-inducing and mind-numbingly boring. Amidst the drudgery of organizing guest lists and mailing invitations, cake tasting is the fun part.