Rogue’s Gallery

‘Doctor Who’ Rogues Gallery: The Mara

After the spine-liquifying terror of those plastic-faced Robots of Death from last week, we move on to the Fifth Doctor, and a monster that is principally scary when you can’t see it. And when you can… well we’ll come …

‘Doctor Who’ Rogues Gallery: The Robots (Of Death)

This blog is going to be a moment of  personal catharsis from my youth, and as such, there may be repressed emotions at play that I can’t control, and I won’t know they’re on the way until they pop up, so bear with …

Doctor Who Rogues Gallery: The Sontarans

Some of the most enduring monsters from all of science fiction are the ones that can be most easily parodied in a schoolyard situation. Want to be a Dalek?

Doctor Who Rogues Gallery: The Krotons

All science-fiction, no matter how well filmed, is essentially silly. There’s no getting around this and no reason why anyone would want to. It’s all part of the fun.

Doctor Who Rogues Gallery: The Cybermen

Some of this information was published last year, when we ran our Video History of the Cybermen, but it bears repeating, not least because OMG it’s the bloody CYBERMEN!

Doctor Who Rogues Gallery: Madame Kovarian

So a short while ago we were talking about the Master and the Rani, and how he was a bad madman, and she was a bad scientist. There was a clear difference between the two, even though they both come across like the sort of people …

Doctor Who Rogues Gallery: The Judoon

Technically, this lot shouldn’t be in a rogues gallery, they should be in a gallery of rogue-catchers, but we don’t have one of those and I flipping LOVE the Judoon, so this will have to do. It’s one of those minor …

Doctor Who Rogues Gallery: The Slitheen (or Raxacoricofallapatorians)

Let’s start with a point of cosmic etiquette: it is far more polite to refer to these baby-faced rotters, with their skin suits and unpleasant habits, as Raxacoricofallapatorians, as they are from the planet …

‘Doctor Who’ Rogues Gallery: The Haemovores

That’s right, there really was a race of Doctor Who monsters called the Haemovores, who appeared in the 1989 adventure The Curse of Fenric, and do you know what they liked to drink most? Can you guess?

Doctor Who Rogues Gallery: The Rani

Just to clear things up, last week we were talking about the Master and the Doctor, and discussing how their names are unique among Time Lords, being a combination of the definitive article and a job title, one which also happens to …