Rod Stewart

Brits with Birthdays: Felicitations Are Due Benedict Cumberbatch, and Others

Busy, busy Benedict Cumberbatch needs to make time in his busy schedule this Friday, July 19, to mark his 37th birthday.

Five British Music Stars That Should Be Knighted

There are few things less attractive than whining, especially from people who are doing pretty well for themselves. It’s ungrateful, it’s bratty and it never, ever arrives with the same righteous fury that it had when …

No, Rod Stewart, That’s Not Sexy

Let’s face it, there aren’t many of the marauding Viking invaders of ’70s British rock who have stories left untold. Mick Jagger can’t remember what happened properly, Keith Richards already did his, Led …

Top Gear Thursday: Watch Out, ‘Crash Course’ Season Two is Coming!

The Hamster tries his hand at a variety of professions in the second season of Richard Hammond’s Crash Course, but perhaps it’s appropriate that he’s starting with a stint as a stunt (yes, the consonance was deliberate) driver on …

WATCH: British Cover Versions of Etta James Classics

American blues/soul singer Etta James passed away today at age 73, and the sad news has inspired countless tributes and remembrances all over Twitter and the web. James, whose voice conveyed both the salty and sweet sides of the blues, …

News Roundup: David Walliams Goes Bald for ‘Doctor Who’ and Some Americans Don’t Know Pip… We Mean Pippa

POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT: If you thought David Walliams looked scary when mimicking Pippa Middleton and Princess Beatrice, beware. He goes by the way of Mole from The Wind in the Willows in a forthcoming episode of Doctor Who.

Liam to Rod: I Don’t Want Your Body, But Your Song is Sexy

Man, that Liam Gallagher sure knows how to keep things interesting… er, keep the press talking, rather.

Rod Stewart Says New Son Aiden is a ‘Miracle’ Baby

Rod Stewart is one proud papa! As we previously reported, Stewart’s wife, Penny Lancaster Stewart, gave birth to the couple’s second son, Aiden, last month.

Rod Stewart and Wife Welcome a Baby Boy

Congratulations to British rocker Rod Stewart and wife Penny Lancaster Stewart! People reports that Lancaster Stewart gave birth to the couple’s second child, a son, on Wednesday (February 16).

Ricky Gervais, Rod Stewart to Appear on ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’

Piers Morgan said there would plenty of “fireworks” when he officially takes over Larry King‘s CNN primetime slot this month. And according to The Hollywood Reporter, a star-studded list of guests will kick off Piers …