Robbie Williams

So What’s Going on at the Brits Tonight?

It’s not a bad moment to celebrate British music, given that we’re currently all over the pop firmament like grease on a french fry, we’ve got Mumford, we’ve got Adele, and David Bowie is about to release his …

Robbie Williams Becomes a Dad

Robbie Williams, 38, has announced he and his wife Ayda Field are the proud parents of a baby girl, named Theodora Rose Williams and “affectionately known as Teddy“, reports The Telegraph.

Watch: Robbie Williams Reveals New Video “Candy”

Robbie Williams, 38, the grown up boy bander, said he was less than enthused with his last two albums, according to GigWise. He seems to be more keen on his solo release “Take the Crown” which will be released on November 5th.

News Roundup: Adele’s Bond Theme Is Ready To Record

It’s a fine showbiz tradition, that the producers of the James Bond movies will pick only the most worthy of musical stars to write them a theme song. They can be notable for reasons of astonishing vocal talent (Tom Jones, Shirley …